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2023 Show Timetable!

See below updates on all the exciting events happening at the show.

Judging Commences


Cattle & Sheep 

Shed Entries

  8.30 am

9.30 am

9.30 am

9.30 am

Main Ring Events

3 Bar Event

Dog Race

Dog High Jump

Rev & Ride

Tug of War 

Tractor event


Lolly Scramble

Grand Parade

12.00 pm

12.15 pm

12.30 pm

12.45 pm

1.00 pm

1.00 pm

1.45 pm

2.00 pm

2.30 pm

Special Events

Woolly Extravaganza

Property Brokers Supreme Champions

Robbie 'Gooserooter' Shefford

Vintage Tractors


Adam Allsort's the Magician

Speed Shear Teams Event

Wood Chopping 

Fire Display

Sheep Sculpture

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